How Did the University Create its Mobile Development Process?

Other institutions have asked how the University of Chicago arrived at its policies and processes for mobile development.

Our process is the result of more than a year’s work on developing new policies and interpreting existing policies as they apply to mobile development. It continues to evolve. The overall goals were to protect the interest of the University in its intellectual property; to assure the public that apps offering information and services from the University are authentic; and to conserve essential resources — such as cryptographic signatures — in balance with the best possible service to the University community.

Some of our policies — the security principles, for instance — are simply good practice that anyone could adopt for themselves. If you want to present them on your institution’s site, we’re happy to oblige. If you use substantially our language, we’d prefer you credit The University of Chicago on the same page. It need not be prominent.

Other parts of our process reflect policies and laws that apply specifically to The University of Chicago. Your institution operates under constraints that differ from ours.

If what you see here can focus your thinking about your own process, we’ll be delighted. We advise you not to publish our policies — which went as high as the Office of Legal Counsel — as your own without the endorsement of your responsible management. We will be happy to answer questions; send them to