Information for Divisions, Schools and other Entities

If you’re a division, professional school or other University unit looking to publish your app under the University of Chicago iTunes and Google Play stores, we can help make that happen.   Here’s the process:

1. Contact  Let us know who you are, what your app does and if you’ll be charging for it.

2. We’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your app and what’s left to get it published.  UChicagoTechUChicago Creative and IT Services will help to make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered prior to launch.

3. If you need to do broader testing in iOS, we can assist you through the use of the University’s in-house distribution license.

4. We can also provide access to the appropriate access to iTunes and Google Play financial reports so you can monitor downloads and revenues.

5. Once you’re set, we’ll guide with you through a checklist of items every app needs before launch.  IT Services will handle cryptographic signing, a process that takes very little time once your code is in order.