Mobile at the University of Chicago

IT Services provides consulting, development, and deployment support to members of the University community interested in developing or procuring apps for mobile devices and handheld computers.

This site serves

  • developers looking for resources for building apps
  • faculty, researchers, and staff who want to explore mobile solutions to their needs
  • community members planning to procure third-party apps on behalf of the University
  • users who want to integrate their mobile devices with the University’s services.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback on this site, write us at

UChicago App Challenge

Have an idea for a great mobile app for research, teaching, learning, or student life and engagement?

The UChicago App Challenge is here to help you take your next step toward presenting your idea to potential supporters in the form of a real, working mobile app.

You do not need to be a programmer!

  • Send us your entry, explaining what you want to do, how you think an app will help, and what you’d need in an app that can demonstrate your idea.
  • We’ll review your proposal. If it looks useful, clear, and doable, we’ll work with you to firm up the details.
  • If we think it needs work, or is bigger than we can offer, we’ll help you shape the best presentation you can make for your idea.
  • We accept entries every academic quarter. Apply today!

We also have an Cognitive Computing Challenge for members of the community with ideas for machine-learning applications.

Download UChicago Mobile

UChicago Mobile is a must-have for the campus community as well as visitors, alumni, and friends around the world.