Mobile at the University of Chicago

UChicago developers are using creativity, passion, and technology to design mobile solutions that enhance the way we connect and share information across the University of Chicago. Mobile at the University is:

  • a site for developers to access resources to build apps and mobile sites
  • a place to find and download UChicago mobile apps
  • a resource for using your mobile device on the UChicago campus

If you would like to submit an app for our website, please Submit a Mobile App or Site. Join our mobile discussion by subscribing to

Or if you're having trouble or have suggestions for improvements, send questions and feedback to

If You’re Planning an App

If you're developing an app for teaching, research, or administration, we want to help. Just ask.

Especially, we can help you through the process of making sure your work meets the University’s need to know about what goes out under its name. Here's a summary; you can find details at Guidelines for Development,

Apps that purport to offer “official” information or services must be published in the University’s name, through distribution accounts controlled by The University of Chicago. IT Services and the Polsky Center must review them for privacy, security, reputation, intellectual property rights, and conformance to law and University policy.

Under University statutes, inventions for release to the general public, including research instruments, are the property of The University of Chicago and must be published by the University. This is a technical question for the Polsky Center to resolve.

IT Services and the Polsky Center will work with you to resolve these questions. There is usually little or no effect on developing or publishing an app, especially if we know about it early. Start by filling in the Mobile Developers Form.

If you are thinking of contracting for an app with a third-party vendor, the project must additionally go through the Procurement process. You or the vendor must file a disclosure form before work begins.